I think it’s important that we have a revolution of Mind, Body, and Spirit. On a literal level, it is a space for bringing your thoughts, hands, and feet together. And beyond that, the conversation will be preserved, perpetuated, and evolve over time. So to confront climate change, I loosely chose Geo-engineering, and survivalism. To me, Geo-engineering is inventing structures to halt climate change, or cope with life after the tipping point. We should evolve ideas of stewardship, altruism, and interconnectedness. This space is a laboratory to those ends.

Protester Project, 2011- 2015

I was in NYC during the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the occupation of Zuccotti Park  beginning in 2011.“Protesters” is an ongoing installation that takes a different form for every iteration. Chalkboards are important to me as an international symbol of the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next. My manifesto about the “Protesters” installation was: It has to be a democratic space. People are free to draw or write anything. People can also erase anything. I draw the line at Hate, this is not a space to cause harm to anyone. The materials should be humble. The imagery should be empowering, never intimidating. In this context, I mean intimidating in the sense of separating the artwork from the viewer through the “heroic artistic gesture” (or Intimidating architecture). Instead the measure of these works would be in the gesture of the participant.
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